STOPPRO road blocker features streamlined design and can be painted any color of choice.

Equipped with a hydraulic drive, STOPPRO blocker rises and falls in 3 seconds, which allows using it in areas where frequent operation is required: border crossings, airport checkpoints, transport hubs, ports, railway stations, departmental premises and other places with greater demands for security, operational reliability and aesthetic look.

Motor is designed for 100% utilization / and allows unlimited blocker opening and closing.

Reliable hydraulic drive has a service life of more than one million operations, which is particularly important for areas with round the clock checkpoint service.

STOPPRO road blocker structure can be well protected from corrosion by zinc electroplated coating to ensure its continuous long-lasting operation. Given that the blocker installation requires substantial earth and foundation work, the additional anti-corrosion treatment would be a justified choice for durable operation.

Unlike lower-end road blocker models with shallow-pit mount, STOPPRO takes little attention during operation. Either open or closed, the blocker is well protected from contamination by rubbish and snow. No special cleaning for the STOPPRO blocker is need after heavy precipitation. Also, STOPPRO is vandal-proof in both open and closed positions.

The road blocker can be installed either flush with the road surface or humped to create an artificial road bump. Smooth drive in and drive out section is developed during concreting work. Recommended blocker installation height above the road surface is 50 to 70 mm. The length of the blocker drive in and out section is 300-400 mm.

STOPPRO blocker comes with a wide range of options to ensure its safe and easy operation:

  • Remote control
  • Extra heating for northern regions
  • Traffic lights
  • Arm barrier
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Backup power supply
  • Manual raising and lowering mechanism
  • Signal lights

STOPPRO road blocker available widths are 3.0 m, 3.5 m, 4.0 m, 4.5 m, 5.0 m, and 6.0 m.

Twin blockers are also available, which can be operated simultaneously from a single control panel to cover wider passageways.