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STOPMAX road blocker: optimal security and installation ease

STOPMAX road blocker (ruggedized) is a select model that significantly outperforms available models in terms of anti-ram properties. Due to its high strength the blocker stays armed after the impact, protecting the passage from another potential attack. As basis, we kept the requirements for the ПОКАТ road vehicle stopping point (dimensions, drive power, surface mounting possibility) to enable an upgrade to a higher security level in premises that used to have or planned to install ПОКАТ-type blocker.

Key advantages of the STOPMAX anti-ram blocker:

  1. Rising height from the base surface is at least 600 mm. A 100 mm increase in lift height compared to ПОКАТ blockers (STOPBASE model in our product range) significantly reduces the probability of the blocker being rolled over, as motorcars with tire diameter exceeding 1.2 meters are seldom found on the roads, unlike trucks with one meter wheels, such as most of freight vehicles and construction machinery capable of rolling over a ПОКАТ-type blocker rising to 500 mm.
  2. The design has the increased number of strength elements, now substantially ruggedized. Diameter of the blocker steel axis is 40 mm; key element thickness is 20 mm; the number of fixings to the base is at least 8 per running meter. This is a key advantage of the STOPMAX blocker designed to stay in the armed position after an attack, differently from the cheaper one-time operation ПОКАТ blockers.
  1. STOPMAX blocker features classical design. Anti-ram element with cover rises from rigidly fixed frame. The design offers best protection from wheel-carried dirt, ice and snow, and is insensitive to rutting and road bumps. Considering local road conditions we deliberately abandoned a folding ramp design for its obvious shortcomings. As an extra option we offer safety skirt that protects the housing from dirt. Spikes and safety skirt are mutually exclusive options.
  1. Improved performance. Sealed actuator compartment can withstand vehicle attack. Good protection from dirt.
  2. Spikes. To prevent a low speed underrun we have additionally equipped our blocker with tire-flattening spikes along the front rim.
  3. All STOPBASE blocker options.

STOPMAX blocker is designed for rigidity with the help of the most advanced computing technology. As a matter of principle, we do not crash vehicles against blockers with rising height up to 800 mm, especially at high speed, since Russian standard does not require it, fortunately. The result of this test is always obvious: a car hitting any kind of barrier at high speed gets its suspension broken and eventually stops. It makes sense testing a blocker to stop a vehicle in front of it, with only debris going further. If the rising height is lower than the height of an engine (frame), the blocker, no matter how strong, cannot stop the vehicle in front of it.

Given the high demand for road blockers, which is also driven by regulatory and reasonable security requirements, we keep improving our design based on common sense, compatible security measures, mathematical computation and our experience in working with hardware since 1992. Consequently, we can offer you the best option among surface-mounted road blockers to protect your premises against vehicle entry. We recommend installing STOPMAX blocker in areas that require a sound approach to security. The model is known as highly reliable, easy to operate and significantly stronger, with only a slight price hike.