Anti-ram boom barrier is an effective means of restricting access to a secure facility.

In terms of control type, arm barriers can be either automatic or non-automatic (controlled manually).

Non-automatic arm barrier suits locations with little traffic, as it requires operator to approach the barrier to manipulate it. Operating a non-automatic arm barrier takes more time to seal it with a lock or locking mechanism.

Automatic arm barriers have mechanized drive and automated controls. Automatic barriers come with a wide range of options available for these systems, including barrier zone obstacle sensors, sound and light alarms, access pass with data read from either wireless medium or contact device, and many other options for the ease of use and added security.

STOPLINE-S anti-ram arm barrier comes with either electromechanical or hydraulic drive.

Automatic arm barrier with electromechanical drive is known for its reliability, streamlined design and ease of utility connection. The drive can operate in emergency rise and fall mode when electric power supply fails; due to low power consumption, 0.5 kW UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be used as a backup power source, the one traditionally used with computers. We specifically focused on the drive selection to optimize the final cost, which includes not only fabrication and installation, but also operational safety. The drive has protection level of not less than IP68 and can operate at temperatures below -30C. This allows using the drive all year round without heating and extra rainfall protection in most of the areas where people live.

STOPLINE-S automatic anti-ram arm barrier with hydraulic drive has an advantage in terms of operating speed and non-stop operating cycle versus 20-50 percent utilization rate of an electromechanical model. In this configuration the barrier can be used in heavy traffic areas. Owing to concealed steel cables, this anti-ram barrier, looking just like an ordinary boom gate, can effectively function as both anti-ram and traffic control device at entrance and exit points, in areas from large car parks through to airports and transport hubs.

Arm barriers with electromechanical drive can be installed in private ground, at the central gate of industrial plant, in business centers, corporate offices, infrastructure and urban facilities, in places with traffic intensity of up to 60 vehicles an hour.

Considering high aesthetic requirements for the look of devices located at the entrance to welcome visitors, STOPLINE-S arm barrier can be painted the color of choice that would also fit the environment. We use RAL color grade and can paint the boom and supports in different colors. The boom receives reflective stickers, or, as an alternative option, signal LEDs can be fitted.

Whatever the case may be, we do our best to find a solution that most naturally fits your architecture and landscape.