Installation of electromechanical ПОКАТ-type blockers such as STOPBASE and STOPECO requires civil works that can be performed either by yourselves, or by any construction company in your area.

We have drafted an installation guide for you to have an idea about the scope of work. Should you perform installation independently by yourselves following the guide, our product warranty remains valid. We supply units ready to operate when connected to the 220 V, 50 Hz power supply.

We certainly stand ready to perform installation at your site; however, installation cost, compared to your local contractor prices, will be higher due to expenses related to the travel of our specialists and the transport (local hire) of tools to the blocker location.

We care about final facility cost and will be happy to give you detailed guidance, should questions arise during your independent installation.

When there is a good base (a hard, flat surface holding the weight of passing vehicles), blocker installation over the road takes a few hours with all handling.

Blocker installation to an unprepared site depends on conditions such as distance to utilities, location relative to the sewer drain (for blocker installation level with the road), soil type, mounting geography and installation diagram, possibility to perform the work, timeframe and even weather. Since the anti-ram blocker installation affects security of the guarded facility, we recommend reviewing the installation guide first and, if necessary, stand ready to provide recommendations on blocker installation to optimize the cost of civil works.

Installation guide:

  Installing surface-mounted blocker (4500 KB)

 Installing underground blocker with side drive (4510 KB)

  Installing underground blocker with central drive(4200 KB)