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STOPECO road blocker is a simplified version of STOPBASE, a well-proven road vehicle stopping point (ПОКАТ).

Changes in design and configuration do not affect the blocker
key properties and technical parameters.
Proposed changes aim to reduce prime cost by shifting part of the work to installation and operation phases.

Manufacturers often simplify their basic blocker models to reduce prime cost.

  1. Yellow paint without slanting black stripes.
  2. Reflectors are included in the package to be installed by client.
  3. Restraining levers are replaced by chains.
  4. Steel structure of the base has minimum number of mounting holes.
  5. Limited number of options.
  1. Ramps of alternative design
  2. Drive cabinet of simplified design.
  3. Drive cabinet has no underrun protection
  4. Combination hinge pin instead of a solid pin
  5. Side drive only
  6. Arm barrier is not synchronized with the blocker operation

STOPECO road blocker installation is justified in low pollution areas without aesthetic requirements and possibility to visually monitor blocker operation. STOPECO blocker is an excellent option when ПОКАТ (Road Vehicle Stopping Point) is installed for prevention of terrorist threat.

Define electromechanical blocker parameters:

Price: rubles.

If you require several blockers of different configuration,

we recommend contacting our sales people who will help you decide on configuration, calculate price and explore delivery options. Sales division phone number: +7 (495) 768-64-51


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Installation needed?

Our blockers can be installed independently by client, following the supplied installation guide, with warranty remaining valid. Should you require installation, its cost will be calculated separately.

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