CERBER Road Blocker Description

Anti-ram CERBER blockers have some extra advantages compared to the type of ‘anti-vandal’ blockers with rising height up to 600 mm. In the up position the CERBER road blocker is locked by pins that not only protect the drive during the impact, but also secure the blocker from the reverse run-over. Thus, unlike the ‘anti-vandal’ blockers (STOPBASE, STOPECO, STOPMAX, STOPPRO), the CERBER blocker restricts vehicle movement in both directions, while designed to withstand an impact from one side.

These images show STOPBASE blocker in closed and open position placed on top of the CERBER blocker for comparison.

These pictures show not only the difference in blocker dimensions and ensuing anti-ram properties, but also allow independently reviewing the capacity of the ПОКАТ (Road Vehicle Stopping Point) blockers, of which STOPBASE is one typical example, to stop a 20 ton vehicle travelling at 60 km/h – conditions set for the CERBER blocker.

CERBER blocker is enclosed in a casing, equipped with leveling feet and spots to mount reinforcing bars. This allows installing the blocker into a pit, leveling it with the road surface, and one-time concreting without formwork. Although this design solution increases the cost of the blocker, it reduces time and cost of installation substantially, which makes it cost-effective in the end.

Given that blockers of this type are intended for long-term operation, all CERBER blockers have galvanic corrosion-resistant zinc coating.

To ensure safe operation and facilitate maintenance, CERBER blockers may come with these options:

  • Remote control
  • Extra heating for northern regions
  • Traffic lights
  • Arm barrier
  • Vehicle detectors
  • Backup power supply
  • Manual raising and lowering mechanism
  • Signal lights

CERBER blocker standard lengths: 3.0 m, 3.5 m, 4.0 m, 4.5 m, and 5 meters.

Standard paint color of the blockers: yellow base with black stripes; can be customized.

All standard-size blockers can be put in a line to cover very wide passageways.

CERBER blockers are equipped with hydraulic drive only and supplied with control box usually put away from the blocker at a distance of up to 10 meters.

As the blocker sits in a fairly deep pit, it is essential that water be drained from inside the pit, either into a sewer or lower terrain.

Hydraulic hoses running from the control box to the blocker can go either right or left. It is recommended that the hose direction be indicated at the time of ordering.